We Want Justice

February 24, 2011

Google made a major change to their “algorithm” in the USA and all of a sudden thousands of small business owners lost a major percentage of their income, putting some small businesses under while seriously damaging others. On April 11, 2011 Google rolled out their world-wide (English) algorithm changes which further damaged small businesses.

“Intended Targets”

Although some of the content farms which were intended targets were hit it was basically the equivalent of giving $200 speeding ticket to a guy driving a brand new Bentley Coupe. Regardless of how many millions CEO’s of crap content farms like Ehow and Answers.ocom lose, the real losers in this algorithm update are the people who were making an honest, modest living by using their expertise and publishing information which was rendered worthless over night.

“No Manual Exceptions”

Google claims that they don’t make manual exceptions but the evidence shows they indeed do make manual exceptions. For example a 1 day after this post on a Mac website they miracously got their rankings back as described in this post. In the post “Google’s head of spam, Matt Cutts, tweeted me yesterday, saying Google had likely seen my post and would get it resolved. Google are lying to us and should be held responsible.

What can you Do?

There is really nothing you can do with the help of Google. Writing in the thread about this in the Google Webmaster’s forum is a pointless act that is surely getting laughs from the people at Google.  Here are some things which

  • Place your Comments Below and Contact to Place your own Blog Posts
  • Network with others devastated by these changes.
  • Contact Attorneys with regards to the Possibility of a Class-Action Lawsuit Against Google
  • List the strategies that could get a destroyed site its rankings back
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